How To Get More Steps In Every Day

How To Get More Steps In Every Day

There is a belief that a person should take 10,000 steps every day. However, this isn’t a magic number. Someone who is trying to lose weight through walking might need to take more steps, whereas someone who is elderly or experiences a chronic illness might find 10,000 steps to be too much. 

So, why is 10,000 steps a commonly recommended amount? This number started when the popularity of pedometers began to rise. It was a nice, round number that was perfect for marketing campaigns. These days, however, it is much better understood that 10,000 is not a perfect number for everyone. The most important thing is to just get out and walk if you are able. Steadily increasing the number of steps you take each day can help you achieve adequate activity levels each day, especially if you currently live a sedentary lifestyle. 

Walking certainly has health benefits whether you are taking 5,000 steps a day or 20,000. Using an affordable fitness tracker like those we offer here at SLMTO is a great way to keep yourself accountable for walking a certain amount each day. If you find that you aren’t walking enough each day, keep reading for some simple ways to incorporate more steps into your daily life. 

How Many Steps Do I Take Per Day?

The number of steps you take during the day is largely dependent on your occupation as well as how much time and energy you dedicate to walking. A restaurant server might take 15,000 steps in an eight-hour shift, whereas a desk worker might only take a few hundred during working hours. That said, someone who works at a desk but takes frequent walks around the office or goes for a run on their lunch break will take more steps during the day than someone who sits at their desk all day and then sits on the couch at home. 

Determining the number of steps you take in a day can be determined by using a fitness tracker or by using a health app on your phone. 

Easy Ways To Take More Steps

Saying you want to walk more is easy, but actually finding the time to add thousands of steps into your daily life can be difficult. Thankfully, you have plenty of opportunities every day to be more active. A few hundred steps here and there will quickly add up and you will begin seeing and feeling the benefits of being active each day. Below, we’re offering up some golden opportunities you have daily to watch the step counter on your fitness tracker increase. 

Walk On Your Breaks

If you have designated break times at work, take that time to walk around the office building. While a short walk might not seem like it is adding much to your total step count, you can easily rack up a few thousand steps doing this throughout the day. Plus, a mid-work walk will rejuvenate your brain and give you an energy boost to make it through the rest of the day. 

Step In Place While Waiting 

If you’re waiting in line at the bank, take the opportunity to step in place to keep your body moving and your blood flowing. If you’re in a waiting room or at the DMV, do some laps around the room. Others might give you a funny look, but when you say, “I’m just trying to get my steps in,” they might join you! 

Park Further Away

Taking the furthest parking spot is a great way to force yourself to walk a little bit further. You might think that it will take you longer to get to your ultimate destination, but how many times have you circled the Target parking lot looking for that perfect spot? Save yourself the stress by just taking a spot in the back and getting some fresh air while you walk to the building. If you keep a close eye on your affordable fitness tracker, you might even realize parking in the back of the parking lot can secure you a few hundred steps! 

Take The Stairs

Opting to skip the elevator or escalator whenever possible will guarantee more steps in your day. Best of all, walking upstairs is a workout in itself so you’re not only adding steps, but you’re also elevating your heart rate and burning more calories. 

Take Detours

If your favorite coffee shop is just down the block, why not take a detour and go the long way? Adding a few blocks to your normal walking commute gives you more time to enjoy the fresh air, soak up some sun, and if you’re used to walking to a destination anyways, taking a new detour route will feel completely normal.

Walk To The Dog Park

Owning a dog is almost a sure-fire way to walk more. However, if you just put your pup in the car to drive to the dog park so your dog can get exercise, you’re not getting the benefit of walking your dog. Dog parks are great places for dogs to socialize and exercise, but their humans typically end up standing in one spot while their dog plays. Instead, walk to the dog park if it is within walking distance of your home. If it isn’t, park a few blocks away and walk from there. 

Listen To Something

Some people thrive on listening to the sounds of nature or cars passing by. Others, frankly, get bored thirty seconds into a well-intentioned walk. Putting on your favorite tunes can ensure you keep a good pace while listening to a podcast or audiobook can help the time pass by more quickly. Whatever you choose, SLMTO offers bluetooth earbuds, a great affordable alternative to Apple AirPods, that can help keep your walk wire-free. 

Take More Steps With Our Affordable Fitness Trackers!

SLMTO is known for producing high-quality electronics at amazing prices, and our affordable fitness trackers are no exception. With plenty of features including heart rate monitoring, calories burned, and distance traveled, our fitness wristbands can help you keep track of your health. Get yours today!

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