Learn About Our Vibrant Color Contacts

Learn About Our Vibrant Color Contacts

At SLMTO, we specialize in providing our customers with the most popular products for amazing prices, and our colorful contact lenses are no exception. Our cosmetic contacts are perfect for those who want to temporarily change their eye color. Our contacts work for any eye color, so whether your eyes or light blue, dark brown, or somewhere in between, you can use these great contacts to alter your eyes for a special event or wear them every day.

Our colorful contact lenses are one of our best-selling products, so we thought we would use today’s blog to give you some more information about them! Keep reading to learn more!

Soft And Comfortable

Our high-quality colored contacts are soft, breathable, and comfortable, making them perfect for all-day wear. Manufactured using high-quality materials in the most advanced contact lens manufacturing facilities, our Vibrant Color Contacts are designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Hypernatural Colors

One of the most exciting things about our comfortable contact lenses are the hypernatural colors we offer them in. Some colored contacts create effects such as all-black eyes, bright red eyes, or even create the look of cat eyes! Those are perfect for Halloween or other cosplay opportunities, but our colored contacts are better suited for different situations.

The hypernatural colors available make your eyes look bright, vibrant, and colorful without looking completely unnatural. Many people will think you just happen to have insanely unique and beautiful eyes and will not even be able to notice the contacts!

Our most natural-looking colors include Pure Hazel and Brown while our more unique colors include Gemstone Green, True Sapphire, Brilliant Blue, and Gray. We have a number of other mid-range colors so you can decide if you want to go all-natural, vibrant and bold, or somewhere in between.

Perfect For Cosplay or Everyday Wear

While many people wear our contacts every day, others purchase a pair to complete a cosplay outfit. If you’re trying to create bright, colorful eyes to match the character you’re dressing up as, we’ve probably got the exact color you’re looking for!

The Gemstone Green lenses are perfect for cosplaying Peridot from Steven Universe, the Hulk, or Lily Potter. The Brilliant Blue contacts are perfect for your Princess Zelda or Sadness (from Inside Out) costume, or if you’ve called dibs on being Bubbles in your Power Puff Girls trio, they work great for that too! Whatever color eyes the character you’re portraying has, we’ve got you covered!

On the other hand, if you’re not cosplaying at your local con, then our contacts are perfect for everyday wear as well. Whether you have a special event and you really want to make your eyes pop, you want to see the world through different eyes, or you just love how purple or green eyes compliment your skin tone, our colored contacts are perfect.

Keep Your Contacts Safe

One thing to consider if you order a pair of our colored contacts is that you will want a way to keep them safe while not in use.

At SLMTO, not only do we sell our ultra-popular Vibrant Color Contacts, but we also offer a sleek travel case that has everything you need to take your contacts out or put them in no matter where you are. This case features a hard plastic case that keeps the contents inside organized and safe. Inside the travel case, you will find a contact lens case, tweezers, contact insertion/removal tool, a liquid bottle for saline solution, and of course, a mirror.

Get Your Color Contacts And Contact Travel Case Today!

Don’t miss out on purchasing a pair of our Vibrant Color Contacts and sleek carrying case! Order yours today!

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