What Our Affordable Fitness Tracker Can Do

What Our Affordable Fitness Tracker Can Do

Wearable technology, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and bluetooth earbuds are more popular than ever before. From simple pedometers — first originating in the 1700s — to smartwatches that record your vital signs, allow you to make phone calls, and help you navigate, wearable technology continues to evolve. There are even activity-specific smart wristbands for those who pilot planes, deepsea dive, or spend days hiking in the mountains. 

With so many options for fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other wearable technology, it’s no surprise that the price of these objects vary widely. For example, Garmin offers GPS sports watches that will cost you over $1000. On the other hand, simple step counters can be purchased for just a few bucks. 

Here at SLMTO, we believe you should never have to settle for a fitness tracker that doesn’t do everything you need it to. That’s why we offer our fitness tracking wristbands at an incredible price without skimping on the features. Below, we’ll be specifically discussing the features of this fitness tracker

Features Of Our Affordable Fitness Tracker 


This affordable fitness tracker has a waterproof rating of IP67. IP, international protection, ratings offer a two-digit rating system that depicts how well the device is protected from both solids and liquids. An IP67 rating indicates that the device has a solids protection rating of 6 (defined as ‘dust-tight’, meaning it has complete protection against dust) and a liquid rating of 7, meaning it can be immersed in up to one meter of water for thirty minutes without experiencing damage. That means you can wear this fitness tracker to the water park, on a rainy hiking trip, or while river rafting and it should not be damaged. 

Step Counter

Walking shares a number of health benefits with other physical activity, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing depression symptoms, and managing weight. Most able-bodied people could benefit from walking 10,000 steps per day — though many only walk a few thousand in a 24-hour period. The step counter in your fitness wristband uses movement technology to track your steps so you can make sure you are walking enough each day. 

Blood Pressure 

All fitness trackers that measure blood pressure are not entirely accurate due to the fact that a true blood pressure reading requires temporarily cutting off circulation, usually by using an inflatable armband. However, the blood pressure monitor on the SLMTO fitness tracker can estimate your blood pressure and give you guidance on whether or not you should seek out a medical office to further discuss blood pressure. 

Heart Rate 

Heart rate changes throughout the day and is lowest when we sleep and highest when we are participating in strenuous activity. The heart rate monitor on our device can help you determine if your resting heart rate is in a healthy zone and help you know when your heart rate is at an optimal level for burning calories.

Distance Traveled

The GPS function in this fitness watch lets you know the distance you have traveled in addition to just the steps you have taken. That means whether you are walking, running, or biking, you can see how many miles you have achieved in a given amount of time. 


Understanding how many calories you burn in a day is important whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to ensure you are eating enough food to keep up with an active lifestyle. Your affordable fitness watch can estimate the number of calories burned based on your heart rate, activities performed, gender, age, current weight, and more factors. 

Sleep Tracker

The quality of your sleep can be tracked based on your movements while sleeping. Many similarly priced affordable fitness trackers do not have this feature, so SLMTO is thrilled to be able to include sleep monitoring in our device! 

Remote Camera Use

Being able to snap a pic without actually touching your phone is ideal for taking large group photos or pictures of yourself that don’t look like selfies. Just utilize the bluetooth connection, prop up your phone, and use the fitness watch to snap a pic when you’re ready! 

Alarm Clock

If you’re someone who doesn’t like loud sounds to wake you up, or you sleep with a partner who gets up later than you, then the vibration alarm clock on this fitness wristband is perfect. Just set it for the time you want to wake up and the watch will vibrate to slowly wake you from your sleep. 

Sedentary Reminder

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can have negative impacts on your health. In fact, studies have shown that the more hours per day you spend sitting or lying down, the shorter your life will be. Our affordable fitness tracking watch will give you a reminder when you have been inactive for a certain period of time. At that point, you can choose to take a walk around the office, jog in place while watching TV, or play that videogame standing up rather than slumped on the couch. 

Medication Reminder

If you need to take medication at certain times during the day, setting a reminder can help keep you on track. You can use your fitness wristband to create reminders daily or weekly to take your medication. 

Push Notifications for Calls, Texts, Social Media, and More

Many wearable technology devices function either as a smartwatch (allowing you to use smartphone actions on the wristband) or a fitness tracker (with many of the features listed above). Our affordable fitness tracker combines the features of both. You can receive notifications from your main social media apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also see when someone calls or texts you. This allows you to spend less time navigating through your phone by simply alerting you to important push notifications. 

Try Our Affordable Fitness Tracker!

The above are just a few of the many features the SLMTO fitness tracker has. If you’re looking for a feature-packed fitness tracker and smartwatch that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered. The best part is that at SLMTO, we’re so confident that you’ll love our smart fitness trackers that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month warranty! Get yours today! 

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