What Your Eye Color Says About You

What Your Eye Color Says About You

Eye color is an incredibly interesting facet of human life. While nearly 80 percent of the world population has brown eyes, certain countries have residents whose eyes are almost exclusively one color. For example, a whopping 89 percent of people in Finland have blue eyes, while most people of Asian or African descent have brown eyes. So, how is eye color determined? 

There are two factors that cause the iris of the eye to appear as a certain color. They are the presence of brown pigment called melanin as well as the structure of the eye which determines how light is scattered across the eye. Even though some eyes are blue or green, there is actually no blue or green pigment in human eyes. A blue eye, for example, simply means there is little or no pigment in the eye and the structure of the eye causes light to reflect as blue. While the amount of melanin present in a person is passed down from parents, offspring can still have wildly different eye colors than their parents. 

Does eye color demonstrate anything other than the amount of melanin a person has and the structure of their eyes? Scientifically, no. But that doesn’t mean that humans haven’t been pairing characteristics to eye color for thousands of years! In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss some common characteristics that are associated with specific eye colors. And, if you’re sitting here wishing your eyes were a different color, SLMTO can help! Make sure to check out our vibrant color contacts for sale so you can experience any eye color you want! 

What Eye Color Says About You

Brown Eyes

As we mentioned earlier, brown eyes are the most common, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have significance. Brown-eyed people are often independent, confident, and outgoing. They are the pinnacle of stability and are considered to be more trustworthy than those with other eye colors. 

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes often do not contain melanin and their color is almost entirely structural. Most babies are born with dark blue eyes, but for most, the color changes within a few weeks of birth. That means that those who continue to have blue eyes into adulthood are considered to exhibit eternal youth. Blue-eyed folk are also thought to be innocent, calm, and full of inner strength. However, they can also be seen as untrustworthy or egotistical. If you are blue-eyed, you are likely cautious of new situations but, at the same time, are curious for new experiences. 

Green Eyes

Green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors in the world, with just two percent of the population having them. Green-eyed people are spread throughout the world, with the color occurring relatively equally across all ethnicities. 

While green eyes are often associated with jealousy (think of Shakespeare personifying jealousy as the “green-eyed monster” in Othello), it is also considered the most attractive eye color. Those with green eyes are considered to be intelligent, passionate, and mysterious. Green-eyed people are also thought to be very creative and loyal. 

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a mixture of brown and green or even brown and gold. This in-between eye color is often correlated with a very unique personality. Hazel-eyed people are always up for a challenge and are excited to try new things. They love to have fun, are very approachable, and tend to be inclusive of everyone. Those whose hazel eyes are more on the green side can be mischievous or spontaneous, while those with browner eyes might be more predictable and open. 

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are very rare and are actually a variation of blue eyes. They are caused by the combination of a lack of melanin as well as a light scattering structure that blocks the appearance of blue hues. People with gray eyes are often considered wells of wisdom and exude gentleness. They are mysterious, stoic, balanced, and adaptable. 

Black Eyes

Black eyes are technically just very, very dark brown eyes. These highs have the highest concentration of melanin of all eye colors and do not scatter light well. This results in irises that are nearly as dark as the pupil. Because eyes are considered the windows to the soul, black eyes are often associated with being secretive because you cannot “see into” them. Black eyes are also considered to be very powerful and mesmerizing. 

Violet Eyes

Eyes that appear to be violet, such as the famous peepers of Elizabeth Taylor, are the result of a very specific, and rare, combination of melanin and light structures. Though technically blue, this combination can make the eyes appear purple or violet, especially in certain lighting situations. Violet-eyed people are considered to be very spiritual and in-touch with nature. They seek out truth and are extremely inquisitive about the world around them. Though ultra-rare, our violet contact lenses can help you experience life as a purple-eyed person! 

What Color Will Your Eyes Be Today?

These days, you aren’t stuck with the eye color you are born with. If you want to see life through a different pair of eyes, all you have to do is pop in a pair of colored contacts! Our vibrant color contacts come in 12 colors ranging from natural browns and hazels to stunning greens, purples, and blues. 

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